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Forward by Degrees (1997)

Forward By Degrees: The University of Paisley 1897-1997, by Evelyn Hood

The University of Paisley, 1997. 204pp. Illus. ISBN 0 904391 50 7; 0 904391 45 0 (paperback). £16.99 (hbk); £7.99 (pbk)

The unique character of the University of Paisley is the result of a hundred years of development and evolution within both a local and educational, not to mention industrial, context. As part of the centenary celebrations of the University, that context is explored by a professional author not directly connected with the University.

The popular novelist Evelyn Hood is a native of Paisley and has written a lively and highly readable account of the history of the College and University. Her text looks at the story of the institution within a local context, as well as highlighting the outstanding characters who developed the College into the institution it has become. The period of office of each Principal is given an individual chapter within which key developments and many of the characters involved, are discussed.

Evelyn Hood's text is supplemented by a wide range of original photographs and diagrams illustrating both the life of the institution and highlighting major developments.

The text is intended to be read by anybody with an interest in the College and University, whether from inside or outside. Anybody who has studied or worked in Paisley College of Technology or the University of Paisley, or people whose connection has been more fleeting, as well as general readers, will find this a fascinating account of the development of a unique institution.